Who to Contact in an Emergency

When to call 111

Dial 111 for any emergency, such as

  • There is a fire of any sort.

  • You need an ambulance because someone is seriously hurt.

  • Someone is breaking into your house right now.

  • There is car accident where people might be hurt, or cars are blocking the road.

  • Someone has been assaulted and the offender is still there.

  • You are afraid for your safety and / or for those around you.

  • You need an emergency Police response.

When to use 105

105 is the non-emergency contact for NZ Police. You can phone them 24/7 or report online at 105.police.govt.nz. Examples of when to use 105:

  • Your car or bike has been stolen.

  • Someone has vandalised your wall.

  • You’ve lost your wallet or phone, or your handbag was stolen at the library.

  • Someone broke into your car and might have taken something.

  • You’re a retailer and someone has shoplifted or driven off without paying for gas.

  • You suspect a scam or drug dealing.

  • Your house has been burgled (if you think the burglar may still be in your home, or running down the street, do not go inside – contact Police immediately by calling 111).

You can also use 105 to:

  • Add information to your existing Police report

  • Get in touch with your local Police station

If you can’t get through to 105 for any reason, please call 0800 105 105.

Call *555 (mobile phone only)

  • For urgent but not life-threatening traffic matters that don’t need an emergency response.

  • Continuous poor driving.

  • Traffic congestion, breakdowns, and obstructions on the highway.

  • Please note: *555 calls are answered with less priority than 111 calls.

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