Community Cam FAQs

What is Community Cam?

Community Cam is a voluntary, not for profit community initiative where people can register a property with CCTV, and upload CCTV footage to help solve crime in their neighbourhood.

When a crime is committed New Zealand Police can refer to Community Cam to quickly identify CCTV locations of registered users in and around the scene of the crime. This then allows Police to contact you to help with an investigation.

Your details are confidential and secure. Only Police can see your information and, if you choose to upload your CCTV footage, the footage is password protected for your security. Community Cam just lets them know who owns a CCTV system to save valuable time door-knocking.

How does it work?

Signing up is easy. Simply fill in the Register Camera web form on the Community Cam website. By registering your details local Police will know that you have a CCTV camera and, in the event of an investigation, they can get in touch with you if they think your system captured footage that may be of use. This doesn’t mean they are entitled to come into your home and take CCTV footage or guarantee their access to it.
Any footage you choose to release can be uploaded to the site, which is protected by an SSL certificate and password protected to ensure confidentiality.

Where did the idea come from?

Community Cam came about after a spate of car break-ins in a quiet residential street. After a Neighbourhood Support meeting, Michelle Hohepa (a web developer and Neighbourhood Support Coordinator for Mangere Bridge) had the idea of getting everyone with CCTV cameras to register on a website that Police could access to help solve crime.

As the idea evolved the Police also asked if Michelle could add an optional feature enabling registered users to quickly and easily upload their CCTV footage after a crime had been committed. This makes it easier for the registered user and for the Police.

Where do I go to register my camera?

Use the Register Camera link above, or for more information visit

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