Keeping Your Belongings Safe & Secure


Recording the details of your household items and contents can increase your chances of having them returned to you if they are stolen.


We have put together a Marking + Recording Valuables Form to get you started in recording your items. The form can be printed and filled in as a hard copy (to be kept in a safe place, or downloaded as a digitally editable PDF, a Google Sheet or an Excel spreadsheet, so that you can fill in and maintain an electronic copy.


You can also protect your property and belongings by:

  • Engraving tools and bicycles with your Driver’s License number.

  • Taking photos of any unique items, such as jewellery and art works, and saving these to your files as well.

  • Keeping receipts, warranties, and valuations in a safe place.

  • Taking photos or videos of jewelry, art, and other precious items.

  • When out and about, keeping your bags containing valuables, wallets, purses etc secure and close to your body.

  • Always locking your vehicles when you leave them and taking your keys with you.  

  • Keeping in contact with your neighbours and letting one another know if you see anything unusual. 


Download PDF Info Sheet


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