Preventing Mail Theft

Whether it be standard mail or courier delivered parcels and packages, when these items are left, they do become vulnerable to theft. Often credit cards, vouchers/gift cards or valued goods are the target for thieves.

There are a few ways you can discourage mail theft in your neighbourhood:

  • Clear your letterbox in a timely manner to reduce mail theft, especially where mail is easy to see or partially sticking out of the letterbox. 

  • Put a hold on your mail delivery if going away, to prevent an overflow of mail sitting unattended. 

  • Provide clear delivery instructions for couriers to leave packages safely hidden or secured within your property, so that they are not visible from the roadside.

  • If you are unlikely to be home for a couriered parcel and it cannot be easily hidden or secured until you are home, consider having it delivered to an alternative address (i.e. to work, a neighbour, or family member).

  • Where practical, consider ‘click and collect’ over delivery. 

  • If replacing or upgrading your mailbox, consider lock-box options.

  • Install security cameras and/or security camera messaging near your letterbox or front of property.  You can view the CCTV guidelines at

If you find mail or items you believe to be stolen, please secure the items and either give them to the intended recipient if safely able to do so, or return to the sender (if known), or hand to your local Police Station. It is an offence to keep mail or items that do not belong to you. 

If you see suspicious persons or behaviour around letterboxes contact Police immediately on 105 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111. Please also report the issue to NZ Post and advise your neighbours to be vigilant.

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