6 Ideas for Improving Your Neighbourhood

What makes a neighbourhood great? Is it the people? The houses? The location? Or perhaps it’s something else? No two streets or communities are alike, yet there are certain touches that can help improve almost any neighbourhood.

Here’s 6 simple ideas for improving your neighbourhood so that you can love where you live just that little bit more:

  • Dig In

Have a neglected or overgrown berm, park or community garden that could use some TLC? Grab the garden tools, round up some volunteers, and have a working bee to tidy up and re-vegetate the area. Introducing native plants, flowers or edible plants such as fruit trees will encourage more birds, butterflies and bees to visit your neighbourhood as well.

  •  Paint The Town Red

…or orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple! A mural is a great way to add some colour to your community. By working with a local artist or having nearby schools and businesses take part you’ll foster a stronger community spirit and appreciation for the final artwork. Just be sure to check in advance that you’re allowed to paint what and where you plan to.

  • Share The Love

Have an abundance of backyard kai you can’t get through quick enough? Or perhaps you have stacks of books piling around the house? A community pātaka (pantry) is a great way to share surplus foods or goods with neighbours without having to go door-to-door. 

  • Lend A Hand

A neighbour’s overgrown yard or dilapidated fence might not be due to a lack of care, it could simply be a sign they don’t have the means or mobility to be able to look after it themselves. Giving your time to mow, paint or fix will not only boost the look and feel of the entire neighbourhood but the pride of the residents who live there as well.

  • Take The Trash Out

Managing your trash and recycling is one thing, but it’s another thing to care about the litter that ends up on your street that you didn’t create. By picking up loose bits of rubbish and any other waste you come across, you help to show others that your neighbourhood is well looked after and the people who live there care.

Whatever you choose to do to improve your neighbourhood, have fun with it and consider making it a community affair!

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