Party Planning Checklist

You’ve ordered the cake and sent out invites, but could you be leaving something important off your party planning checklist? Whether it’s a small backyard gathering, or a big celebration for a special occasion, a little extra planning and consideration will go a long way in keeping you, your guests, and your neighbours happy.

Use the following checklist to help make sure your party goes off without a hitch:

  • Give neighbours a heads up

If there’s any possibility that your event could be noisy, or raise other concerns such as impacting parking on your street, it’s worth knocking on doors or dropping a note in you neighbours’ letterboxes to let them know about your event well in advance. Make sure to include your contact details so that if any issues crop up on the day they can contact you first rather than turning to local authorities.

  • Be considerate of noise

Have a plan for when your party will start and end, and stick to it. If you want to keep the good times rolling, consider taking the party off-site; or, at the very least turn down the music, move indoors, and close all your doors and windows. Noise by-laws vary from town to town so if you’re unsure check with your local council.

  • Look after your guests

Let your guests know in advance where they can and cannot park on your street, and perhaps suggest using public transport or ride-sharing if parking could be tricky. If people will be drinking alcohol, make sure there is plenty of water and food available and everyone is able to get home safely.

  • Keep things tidy

Not only will broken bottles on the sidewalk or costumes strewn about your neighbourhood ruffle feathers, but so will guests who spill out into the street. If your property is too small to contain all of your guests, consider moving things to a nearby venue or suitable public area. Make sure to do a sweep the next day to tidy up any litter.

  • Prepare necessary permits

Planning on lighting a fire, setting off fireworks, selling food or alcohol, or closing off your street? Regardless of the size or type of party, certain activities will require a permit. If you’re unsure, check with your local council.

Parties are all about having a good time, so keep it considerate so that everyone stays happy!

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